Your Body Health Coach

This is where the magic happens on your journey to health and fat loss and I am beyond ecstatic to have you join me!

I am a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer based out of the beautiful, scenic Niagara area and can be found around the globe. 

Body Health Coach provides exemplary in home and online fitness training that brings you extraordinary health and fitness programs. Kristine has asked me to write this introduction for her and I am excited to oblige. She is SUPERIOR at what she does. In fact, my own success story would not be possible without her.

Clients work closely with Kristine to learn the way to break free of dieting forever while mastering key components of her Body Health Coach method through fresh, delicious meal plans. Career moms and stay at home moms benefit greatly from these customized meal plans.

Designed meal plans are easily geared for success that target your specific goals to help you lose weight and feel the best you ever have. 
Teaching how to meal prep effectively is one of the most important skills that Kristine has a natural knack for, as she can prepare and serve a wholesome, delicious tasty meal in under 30 minutes flat!

I have found Kristine to be very genuine, compassionate and always lends a positive hand. 

You can finally have your life the way you’ve wanted; to be fit, healthy, inspired and energetic.

Ariana G, Toronto



Core Mindset

Niagara's Online Trainer Body Health Coach, Mindset is Everything

Core Mindset is one of the most important principles on this site.  You will gain an understanding of how a positive mindset will influence you to want to live better and live life without restraint.

A good coach needs to focus the mindset of the individuals they are working with in order to get their head in the game and carry them through to victory.

Body Health Coach is totally accessible and interactive to make you as successful as possible by giving you all the tools, education and accountability.

You will learn that nothing is too big that you can’t handle and everything you want is within your grasp. You will not be left hanging or second guessing and you will be treated with the utmost respect.

Come and join me today!

Core Education

Niagara's Online Fitness Trainer, education to lose belly fat

Core Education will give you a vast array of knowledge like you have never experienced before.

Body Health Coach was born to help you the consumer make educated choices about your supplements and foods.  

Beware of health food stores or mass market chains that can rob you of your hard earned dollars or investing in a purchase that will do little to absolutely nothing for you. I’m here!

I will educate you to become a super pro. You will know exactly what to look for and what to avoid. I’ll help you choose best in class products that will positively influence your decisions with all things nutrition.

Core Nutrition

Niagara's Online Fitness Trainer, Nutrition is everything

Core Nutrition encompasses all things in the field of nutrition.  You will learn all the fundamentals of vitamins, supplements and the of course, food!

Learning key points of nutrition will help you to live a healthy life and to enable you to finally lose weight in a sustainable manner and keep it off for a lifetime.

If your goals are geared more to training for a fitness or figure competition or putting on a sexy bikini for the beach, you too, will find what you need here. 

Discover how to breeze through grocery shopping (unless you actually LIKE grocery shopping like I do!) as you learn to read labels effectively. VERY IMPORTANT!

Your questions will be answered right here on this site, with a full range of topics. Simply contact me directly or leave a comment on the site. No question is ever a silly one.  

My knowledge is limitless and I am so excited to share it with you!

Core Fitness

Niagara's Online Fitness Trainer, at home fitness, lose belly fat

Core Fitness is one principle you wish someone told you about YEARS ago.

Countless hours are NOT required in a gym or any other training area, even when competing for a fitness show.  It’s not all about blood, sweat and tears but it is about making the most of your time.

One of the biggest complaints people say is “I can’t look like that, I don’t have the time!”. 

Join Body Health Coach and you will see first hand that 80% of your efforts should come from nutrition and  only 20% of those efforts need to come from exercise, which means YOU CAN DO THIS!!

I know this personally because it works!

Even as a fitness competitor, my workouts are hard and intense, but at the end of the day, it’s what goes in my mouth that is going to give me the body I want.

I will show you through various levels of commitment and goal setting how to achieve and master success.